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Lyretail Anthias Divers who happen to find themselves beneath the waves of the Indian Ocean might run into this gorgeous little fish called Lyretail Anthias.A member of the piranha family, the species can reach up to 3 feet in length and weigh up to 100 pounds.The reason is very simple because fishes are one of most beautiful species because ofcolorful patterns and beautiful fins.

Many fish—especially popular varieties for aquariums—also have any number of nicknames.

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There are many different species of wild trout and salmon all around the world, and they come in every color of the rainbow.

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Also called the Gezi fish, the northern bronze gudgeon has long whiskers, a pointed snout, and yellow-gold scales that give the fish a bronze cast in the water.Choose the species below that you would like more information on.So, here we are listing top 10 most beautiful Fish in the world.

How do yours rank as game fish among the species that anglers pursue.Approx there are over 20.000 Species of Saltwater Fish in the world Approx there are over 11.000 Species of Freshwater Fish in the world These figures are an approximate and are always on the rise and scientist around the world are constantly finding out new species of fish every hour.Carps are the common and major species of freshwater fish found almost all over the world.

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Why are there so many types of fishes in the world

Sometimes, the new habitat suits the invader so well that the results are catastrophic for local species.This consists of gill-bearing aquatic craniates animals with limbs and digits.A complete alphabet of all the fish species in the world would have at least 27,300 items, and those are just the official names.This is a fantastic looking little fish variety which is a favorite of fish enthusiasts and collectors.

They thrive in ponds and have a large family of fish like the common or king carp, mirror carp, koi carp, carp bream, bighead carp, carnatic carp, and crucian carp.

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Thus, it cannot be known exactly how many fish there are in all.Lake Tanganyika, the second deepest lake in the world, is inhabited with almost 250 different species of cichlids and over 150 species of other fish.

Other species of fish are threatened with extinction because they are under multiple pressures at the same time, both from fisheries and destruction of their habitats.Some 25% of all the 494 sharks and rays inhabiting coastal continental shelves, which includes all reef sharks, are threatened with extinction.

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All of the fish pictures on Elasmodiver are internationally protected by copyright law.There are more kinds of fishes than all the other groups of vertebrates combined.Its appearance is similar to fossil shark forms that date back roughly 200 million years, to the Triassic period.This fish possesses interesting features, like hiding itself in the sea-plants and staying inactive for many hours.There is a total of 14 species present ranging from the 2 m (7 ft) long dwarf crocodiles of Western Africa to the huge.Let us see how dangerous they really are and reveal some unknown facts about the various different types of crocodile in the world.

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Hidden beneath the murky waters of our freshwater rivers and lakes, there are monsters swimming unseen.The benthic zone is the area below the pelagic zone, but does not include the very deepest parts of the ocean (see abyssal zone below).

Various species of carp have been domesticated and reared as food fish across Europe and Asia for thousands of years.Data for this, is from a paper I wrote with Dan Blake last year for PLOS One.

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